Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Caregiving: Multiple Blog Disorder (MBD)

Eighteen years of caregiving and almost four years of journaling about caregivng has triggered Multiple Blog Disorder (MBD).


Over the last year, National Multiple Sclerosis Society staff has encouraged me to repost my AOL Journal on MySpace, MY caregiving SPACE. It can also be found on Blogger, Caregiving Blog "Caregivingly Yours,". Apparently whatever litmus tests they use demonstrate a wider reader demographic. My own 19 year old daughter likes to remind me that AOL Journals are for old people. <grin>


Caregiving is not exclusive to any age. was created to simplify the sharing and the search.


However, believe it or not, I do ponder and do things that are not directly related to caregiving. Stocks split, cells split and eventually I surrendered to Multiple Blog Disorder (MBD). A fragment of ME can now be found in …

     musings from the lair of Cachalot


You are welcome to visit anywhere anytime.


Caregivingly Yours,

J Patrick Leer


  1. been there; left a comment; will be back to check out other entries later today as I have time; great to have that "side" to learn more about your interests, etc


  2. well i will stick with aol to leave you comments LOL have a good week



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