Tuesday, May 27, 2008

caregiving: an ArtsFest outing

Memorial Day Weekend anywhere near Harrisburg, PA simply has to include a visit to The Patriot-News ArtsFest along the Susquehanna River. From lawn art to fine art to performing art it is there for all.

With sunny skies and 82 degrees on Monday, Patti and I headed out for some fun and culture. While MS related memory loss seems to have erased Sunday's major choking episode, it is always important to move life forward.


Our favorite booth featured hand painted toilette seat lids and painted placemats for pet food dishes. I enjoy it when artists open new dimensions to me. Why should art hang on walls?


Art and artists are unquestionably intriguing but of limited attention for Patti and the crowds do become an obstacle for her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and especially her scooter.


However, enjoying a Marlboro Light in the shade IS always enjoyable for Patti.


As spouse caregiver, scooter and crowd control does begin to wear but it goes with the job. And after all there are pluses …               


We sat with frozen lemonades in the shade under an old tree on the bank of the Susquehanna listening to a band playing nearby and just watching the river flow by. Add a  breeze blowing off the river across your face ... now THAT IS ART!


Caregivingly Yours, J Patrick Leer 

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  1. sounds like a delightful day, Patrick; hand-painted toilet seat lids; someone has too much time on their hands LOL, bet they were cute though


  2. Patti's got the right idea.  What a lovely place, and fun time.
                                                           Smiles,  Leigh


  3. What a beautiful area, Patrick! I am always amazed at how much time you spend making sure Patti gets out and about.... even is all she really wants is a cigarette!
    It's not the easy road, but it is the right thing for a spouse care-giver (or any care-giver to do!!  Thanks for doing the right thing!

    Your friend,


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