Thursday, May 15, 2008

Caregiving: newspaper and chicken pot pie

Caregiving is not always a physical function. Patti’s Multiple Sclerosis related visual impairment and cognitive, reasoning, and memory challenges require ever evolving attention.


Reading our local paper, The Sentinel, to her and discussing stories over dinner has become somewhat of a new tradition she enjoys.


Over chicken pot pie the other night we learned that …


Barclay asks school to take his name off auditorium


Now this stimulated Patti’s attention why would someone want their name taken off a building?


Patti’s memory loss had lost track of the month long saga of former Cumberland County Commissioner Bruce Barclay.  A State Police investigation had discovered hundreds of videotaped sexual encounters — many with male escorts — using hidden cameras and stored on his computers.


Our conversation detoured into talking about the poor State Police officers that must have to sit and 'review the evidence' watching hundred of hours of this guy having sex. It was hard not to laugh. Hi honey! What did you do at work today? Do you go home and wash your eyes out? "What a weirdo!" concluded Patti.


Neighborhood reacts to deer ruling


“The plan calls for the harvesting of up to 75 deer,  Police Chief Stephen Margeson explained, whose meat will be processed and then donated to local food banks.”


With two wrecked cars in two years from deer and thank God none of us hurt you will find NO love for suburban bambi in this house.


Patti connected all the dots in this story including remembering our family encounters and agreed stocking food banks with bambi made a lot of sense.


SUPERDELEGATE stories may as well be a regular feature. Having no idea what exactly a superdelegate is, it does however sound like something everyone would want to be. Patti offered a fascinating observation, "Superdelegates probably get to smoke at the convention and regular delegates can’t”.  Now you know. <grin>


Caregivingly Yours, J Patrick Leer 





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  1. LOL, Patrick; I loved Patti's observation about the superdelegates; I think she is on to something there because I'm clueless what one is

    interesting stories; I can see how they could be a good topic of conversation around a dinner table; I can see pros/cons to the deer but at least they will be used for a good purpose


  2. OMG!! Patti has it all figured out!! We need to call the media-gods that be and let them know! CNN will have a field day!!  LOLOLOLOL


  3. I still believe that Patti has it all together and the rest of us have the impairment!

  4. I find having that memory loss stimulates your own in trying to piece together where their thoughts are going.  I've chuckled at the outcome.  I have that chuckle when Patti concludes her thought process, she's wonderful :) Rache

  5. ((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))I aggree with the other comments,Patti has it all togethr.She has so many people who care and love Her.

  6. I adore the conversations you and your wife have. Reminds me of the chuckles I get in the classroom from the things kids say. It find it endearing that you read to her from the newspaper over dinner. I want to be as endearing as that when I become a caregiver... yeah, I said when... I'm pretty sure I will be fulfilling that role in some capacity, for someone, someday. I don't know how, but I'm going to remember all the stories you've told us, the videos you've shared, the articles, the facts, the suggestions, and the hope that you give everyone who is or will become a Caregiver. Your journal has changed how I look at our future. I thank you for that. bea


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