Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caregiving: Frasier Robinson

Frasier Robinson declined from an agile boxer to a man who needed two canes to walk across the street. Living with Multiple Sclerosis as a family his children never knew him without his disabilities from Multiple Sclerosis. His ‘struggles’ even to get to work much less work everyday and hold a family together were what families must overcome every hour of every day of every week.


His daughter remarks, "I am constantly trying to make sure that I am making him proud -- what would my father think of the choices that I've made, how I've lived my life, what careers I chose, what man I married."


Frasier Robinson died in 1990. Fighting MS he did live to see the beginnings of how she chose to live her life such as colleges and start of a career.


While Frasier Robinson did not live to see his daughter’s marriage and family from what I have learned of the man I suspect he would be quite proud of his daughter Michelle, better known today as Michelle Obama.


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  1. very proud I would imagine; I didn't know this about her dad; seems like a wonderful gentleman

    that video card of Megan's for Mother's Day from 1994 was cute :)


  2. interesting.............heard lots of  things about MO


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