Sunday, August 09, 2009

accessible fruit: donut peaches

Accessible fruit! Who would have thought?

With Patti’s Multiple Sclerosis progression holding and eating some of her favorite foods has become too challenging. As her spouse caregiver, I am always on the look out for solutions and options that can enable her.

Stopping at a road side fruit stand I discovered Donut Peaches (aka Saturn Peaches, aka Angel Peaches, aka Chinese Pan Tao Peaches).

Patti loves peaches. However MS progression was making holding and eating a peach next to impossible. That is until we tried “accessible” donut peaches! They were a hit, easy to hold and easy to eat!

Don’t just take our word for it. Mother Earth News offers the top reasons to eat a Donut Peach:

  1. They taste better than other peaches. They're sweeter, with almond overtones.

  2. They are lower in acid than other peaches.

  3. The pit doesn't cling to the flesh, so it's easy to pop out with your thumb.

  4. The fruit's thin, red skin has little or no fuzz.

  5. Their small size lends itself to being eaten out of hand.
You just have to like a snack high in Vitamins A and C and only 37 calories per peach.

Thank God when nature lends you a hand.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. I love this information!! Thanks for sharing it with us. I have never seen them here in Northern Illinois but will be keeping my eyes open for them.

  2. they sound delicious, Patrick; never heard of them but will be on the lookout for them. so glad you found something that helps Patti enjoy a fruit she is very fond of

    enjoy your week ahead


  3. I have heard about these. I doubt we will ever see them in this small town but I hope Patti enjoys them for both of us.

  4. We have them in Chicago at our local Jewel Food Store and Farmer Markets, they are just great, glad Patti can have fun eating peaches again.
    Have a great time enjoying them they are only our for about another month or so.


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