Monday, August 24, 2009

health info-mation

Something like 61% of Americans go online to seek health-related information.

When “our story” of living with Multiple Sclerosis as a family first met the Internet in the early 90’s it was on an AST computer with 4 RAM, using Dos commands to open programs (even Windows). With a dial up connection, I first discovered ‘others’ on the Prodigy network's Multiple Sclerosis bulletin boards.

Today it is a different world.

Top 20 Health Websites 8/5/2009 eBizMBA

Feel like a kid in a candy shop? Try to ask yourself …

How is the information reviewed?

“Mavens” and “experts” abound; but to paraphrase Glinda, “Are you a good maven or a bad maven?”

Who pays for the Web site?

"This is great news for marketers …They have another way into the office." 3 Out of 4 U.S. Nurses Recommend Health Websites to Patients

“Visitors to the HealthCentral websites were more likely to request prescription drugs from their physicians than were visitors to competing sites …” Medical Marketing & Media

Or, what the hell, just start one yourself …
(read out loud using your best Billy Mays' voice) “grab your very own super-profitable "Health Biz in a Box" right away! … Ordinarily $1,497.00, but yours for just $47 if you order now or within the next 5 days!!”

Remember … Let’s be careful out there!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. Hehe...the whole "health maven" concept is an irksome to a website which I still don't truly see the value in. And there are many times which I may strongly disagree with the voiced opinions or recommendations of fellow "experts" on another website.

    As far as providing an audience "more likely to request prescription drugs from their physicians" - sounds like a sells pitch to pharma execs.

    Be cautious and stay skeptical!!

  2. doing medical transcription, they tell us when we need to research something to make sure we use the information from a reliable web site; Wikipedia (surprisingly, tongue in cheek) is not one (reliable). usually anything journal related (and not blog journal, but scientific or medical journal) is considered it

    sadly people don't realize there's a difference

    hope you guys are doing good and that summer has been somewhat pleasant weather and better adventures!



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