Thursday, August 27, 2009

disability 'dashboard' gauges Multiple Sclerosis

Take a glance below at the image of Patti’s Multiple Sclerosis dashboard disability gauges.

EDSS gauge reflects Kurtzke Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) a method to quantifying disability in Multiple Sclerosis from 0 = normal neurological exam though 10 = death due to MS.

ADL gauge refers to the Modified Barthel Scale to measure performance in basic Activities of Daily Living (ADL) from 100 = independent through 0 = totally dependent on others.

Running on empty might be a fair observation, though it would be both correct and incorrect.

Why should the victories and experiences of those who have progressed beyond independence fade into shadows or become invisible?

Too many stories of people with MS fade away or disappear as MS progression takes away the ability to tell their own story.

Stories do not end with independence they evolve as here in Caregivingly Yours, the caregiver blogs linked on this page and more out in the blogosphere. Those who care … caregiver, carer, spouse caregiver, family caregiver, well spouse, family, friends, aides or whatever become part of their story.

Pictured below are the exact same MS dashboard disability gauges just from a different view.

Behind this picture was support and care. It took multiple aides plus a lift at Patti’s care facility to get Patti up, transferred, washed, and dressed. I transported her in our wheelchair accessible van, assisted her with eating, and pushed her through the streets to the captured moment in time. In spite of heat, humidity, and dependency Patti supplied the intangible … her spirit.

While Multiple Sclerosis steals the body and mind, piece by piece, from the person diagnosed with MS it also steals THEM from YOU. Everyone changes.

Does everyone evolve? Isn’t that answer really up to you?

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. I think people evolve if they allow themselves to evolve, no matter what the circumstance. But if they get too wrapped up in their problems and allow the problem to control them rather than them controlling the problem, they end up not evolving, and by not evolving, they end up not growing and changing. You guys evolved, as hard as it was, because you chose to tackle MS head on instead of letting it tackle you (I hope I made sense with this)


  2. Hi Patrick,

    My mother has Multiple Sclerosis and she does get tired from time to time. She does use a cane to walk because she has drop foot and she uses a scooter when we go to stores and things. She is still very lively and she is doing well. She is NOT in a wheelchair because she can get around quite a bit. She is handling things well. Anywho do take care.

  3. Tee hee looks just like my dashboard, 52 years old 19yrs DX, I try to see me as a tree, leaves fall off but new ones grow back. I may not be the tree I once was, but I still have roots and still love giving shade to others. My loss is their gain, each fall they enjoy my colors. Well, that's how I roll.

  4. Keep up the good works, and never pass a filling station. That's what I say.

    Actually, I've put on the blast shield and am using the Force. Never tell me the odds!


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