Thursday, May 27, 2010

degrees of separation from Multiple Sclerosis

At what degree of separation from a disabling illness or physical or mental disability does someone actually commit to eliminating barriers?

Would you “eliminate” barriers for your child? Your grandchild? Your parent? Your cousin? In-law? An Aunt or Uncle? A nephew or niece? A friend, how close a friend? Co-worker? Neighbor?

Patti surprised me as she joined quite vocally into a similar conversation the other evening. Though it should not have surprised me, after all it is not abstract for her it’s personal.

How inviting is being jerked, pulled and lifted into a home? How welcoming is a house where you have to ask for assistance any time you want to move about?

I doubt if there is a right or wrong answer here. Variables are nearly infinite in both disabilities and the resources and options of the able bodied.

Today is World MS Day, 2 Million people in the world have Multiple Sclerosis. How many degrees of separation can you really be on the human web? 

World MS Day global campaign film

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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