Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great (accessible) Pennsylvania FlavorFest

Living with Multiple Sclerosis is first and foremost about “living”. 

With Harrisburg’s Patriot-News ArtFest deciding to charge admission this year we decided to try out The Great Pennsylvania FlavorFest at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival Fairegrounds.

Free parking and free admission are inviting. Free wine tasting hosted by over a dozen Pennsylvania vineyards was a most welcome surprise for Patti since she was neither driving nor even walking.

Accessible parking is available, extensive, adjacent to the entrance and politely manned. For example, noting I needed to deploy a ramp the staff blocked out the space next to us.

Following our formula for success we arrived early to avoid the crowds of buttocks (from a wheelchair perspective) and to beat the MS unfriendly heat.

Faire grounds cover 35+ acres and overwhelmingly the paths are paved. Yes there are some stone or grass covered areas however we found them all doable.

Food and wine tasting lines were non-existent upon our early arrival. We laughed as we tried to find the ‘proper’ wine for our Irish Nachos.  

Beware the terrain, parts are hilly. Just plan accordingly and use the gentler inclining paths. All paths lead to the same places.

Patti totally enjoyed Mad Tom’s Wreck Room. Give Mad Tom a buck and break stuff. Throw a vase, a mug, a dish, a plate, whatever … you pay for it – you break it! You laugh!
Enjoy the terrain. Part forest, part glen, part village, it is a treat.

Handicapped accessible restrooms are available. Wheelchair rentals or loaners are not available.

After an hour or two the RealFeel temperature of heat and humidity was climbing into mid-80’s F° and starting to work against Multiple Sclerosis, and there was nothing better than a funnel cake, lemonade, and cigarette in the shade.

Rolling back through accessible parking I could not resist this photo as Patti’s wheelchair and the vehicles line up like nesting dolls.
Next stop a long air conditioned afternoon nap!

Now of course nothing is as easy as it seems. Dozens of people deserve credit for making today possible, from care facility staff to vendors. Thank You!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. Finishing up with a long air-conditioned afternoon nap, for both of you I hope! Sounds like fun!

  2. Love that nesting dolls photo. Glad you had such a nice excursion.

  3. Looks like a great time for you and Patti,
    never heard of Irish Nachos, and I'm part Irish
    have to see where I can try them.
    Great day for the both of you always get there early (like me) and enjoy the morning.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. looks like it was a fine time and I think you have perfected it, Patrick, on knowing to go early in the day (sort of like the early worm); glad you guys had a fun time together :)


  5. What a great looking little car that is!! Of course I'm prejudiced; I own it! :)


  6. Mel! Yes we both were admiring your vehicle. How cool you should find it featured.

  7. Actually, when I walked through the gate Sunday, I was pulled aside by some staff and shown the pic on your blog! Your comments made for some happy staffers. It was a really well done event, wasn't it!! GREAT TIME!!


  8. Looks like you and Patti had a really great time! And that is one sweet looking ride, by the way. It was good that Patti feels comfortable inside the car, and that there were handicapped accessible restrooms available. : )

    Thomas Wright


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