Sunday, June 27, 2010

Accessible adaptive vehicles Pennsylvania

We struggled for longer than we should with Patti’s failing ability to transfer from wheelchair to our car. In part this was ignorance of options. Caregiving does not always leave a lot of time for searching especially when you are not exactly sure what you are searching for.

These days while out and about using our wheelchair accessible van we often attract inquiring minds and answer questions as best we can.

It occurred to me that since the journey from need to finding an adaptive vehicle is still pretty much a needle in a haystack compared to conventional auto shopping that I should compile a list of Pennsylvania adaptive vehicle facilities offering modifications and service. Most additionally sell wheelchair accessible vehicles both new and previously owned.

So, if you want to ask some questions AND kick some tires …

VCI Mobility
Norristown, PA

Galbreath Mobility
New Castle, PA
724-656-1075 / 724-656-0866

Harrisburg, PA

Keystone Coach Works
Bethel Park, PA

MITS Corporation
Glen Rock, PA

Wall, PA
877-275-4907 / 412-824-8091

Ride-Away handicap equipment corp
Norristown, PA

Spliter, Inc
Montoursville, PA

Total Mobility Services
Boswell, PA

WEBB Medical Systems
Shillington, PA

While more random, it is not impossible to find an adaptive vehicle on a local car lot, and you can find adaptive vehicles through classified advertising both local and interstate such as Disability Dealer Magazine.

Money is ALWAYS a factor and The Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) is a non-profit organization that provides low-interest loans for people with disabilities so that they can buy the assistive technology devices and services they need”.

Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation
King of Prussia, PA

Realizing this blog is also read outside of Pennsylvania, click on Alternative Financing Technical Assistance Project for assistive technology loan programs in other states.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer


  1. We actually used VCI Mobility to turn a Conversion Van into a Wheelchair friendly vehicle. They were not cheap, but they did a great job. They picked up our vehicle and returned it in a week.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    I came across this post doing some web work for GM and I thought you and your readers might be interested to know about GM’s Mobility Reimbursement program. The program allows for those eligible to get back up to $1,000 for eligible adaptive equipment. Here's the link for anyone who might be interested:

    GM also created a Facebook page that helps to bring people together to discuss mobility issues here



  3. I just noticed in the post above I listed the wrong links! My apologies, you can find the page here and the Facebook page here

  4. The Findawav is a great place to start for guidance with purchasing a Disability Vehicles. Thanks to you for sharing this helpful resource.


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