Friday, June 25, 2010

storm caregiving

Severe thunderstorms swaggered through with 60 to 70 mph (97 to 113 kph) winds and the deluge of kong. While down came the heat and humidity so too did trees, branches, and power lines.

Physical and/or cognitive symptoms of any chronic illness or disability change any equation. Living with caregiving and Multiple Sclerosis for 20+ years severe weather is never quite just a news story.
Later picking up Patti for an outing she shares with me only that the storm was “very annoying and loud” as she finished her dinner sitting in front of her room air conditioner in a personal oasis.

Oh yes, though while lost in her memory, there was a power outage. Emergency lanterns were still visible though no longer in use. Portable fans were in abundance in halls and common areas to assist central air conditioning working overtime to recapture down time. Phone system was still not totally up and running. Cable TV was still out.

Neighboring buildings residential and commercial were still without power. Driving was interesting to say the least with many signal lights not working and downed tree branches rerouting traffic.

Facility emergency generators unquestionably help and power companies do somehow prioritize medical necessity.

Power outage began during a shift change so actually twice the staff was around to respond and assist residents. Some times you just get lucky.  

When nature decides to shock and awe, attended care is a godsend.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer

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  1. sounds like a "wicked" storm! glad you guys "weathered" it okay and are safe!



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