Monday, July 23, 2012

My Towering Slim Geek Sidekick

Happy 10th birthday to my Dell 8200 Dimension!

10 years old is more than half the time I have stared into the Internet. When you are old enough to remember standing out with all the neighbors staring up into that October Sky as Sputnik moved across what used to be called the heavens, “The Internet” still seems a novelty.

Part muse, part machine, even part friend … my Dell 8200 Dimension has been my trusty side kick through every one of these blog entries.

Delivered in July 2002 it was my only cyber side kick until late 2011 when it went into semi-retirement, now sharing duties with a young Dell Inspiron 570 purchased off the floor at Best Buy.

I’ve embraced no smart phone, nor tablet, nor even lap top. Beyond my Dell Desktops, I’m happy to have a simple cell phone that flips open, hoping that one day Scotty will beam me up.

Eventually it’s ancient speed further slowed by anti-virus programs and more just made slow motion more like stop action.

WARNING GEEK ALERT: It’s a Pentium 4 at 2.26 Ghz with 256 MB of RAM

Nearly got whip lash the first time I took the Dell Inspiron 570 out for a drive on the Internet over our Verizon FIOS connection.

Semi-retired now the Dell 8200 Dimension serves primarily as data back up, and I run it off line for some older programs I am found of.
“In a word: Wow! The Dell Dimension 8200 contains almost everything you'd want in a PC.” PC Magazine May 7, 2002
Over the decade it surfed the Internet, was shared with a high school aged teen ager, stored financial records, filed taxes, stored and shared digital pictures, created and uploaded movies, scanned created and stored a decade of medical records not only simplifying but empowering Multiple Sclerosis spouse caregiving, composed eulogies and birth and wedding congratulations, sent and received email, downloaded music both legal and sometimes not exactly … and never complained.

Normally I would tell anyone you cannot believe reviews but 10 years later, in a word: Wow!

Patrick Leer
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @

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  1. None of mine lasted longer than six years - I think I'm rough on computers. I remember first reading/hearing about the 'world wide web' in the '90s, and I couldn't wait to go surfing. Since then, I've enjoyed my ride on the 'super highway,' and I wonder how I lived without it.

  2. that was one sturdy computer tower!! Faithful too with its years of service! I'm with you about not having a smart phone; I don't need a piece of technology smarter than me :)



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