Friday, August 17, 2012

18 Outstanding Family Care Resources

Previously I shared in warts and all picture of living with Multiple Sclerosis about an email and UK description of Caregivingly Yours.

Actually that email was all about 18 Outstanding Family Care Resources of which Caregivingly Yours was voted one.
18 Outstanding Family Care Resources
Yes it is a portal sponsored by KwikMed however none of the selected blogs have any relationship. In fact I discovered some new caregiving sites while surfing through my fellow 18.

Normally I might feel slighted about being number 18 out of 18 except that I prefer that number, it is my birth date! And the higher ranked are websites staffed by more than just little ol' me.

Since my own diagnosis of lung cancer I have found searching and/or surfing the Internet increasingly cluttered and noisy. Personally I appreciate it whenever I stumble on such portals as these where someone has bothered to not only check out and confirm that blogs or web sites are even active much filtered for quality of content.

Also IMHO these are an interesting collection of web sites/blogs raging in appeal to the age of caregiver from young to senior and the nature of care from home care to facility care and frankly a unique and wider view of care from both us USA 'caregivers' to our fellow 'carers' across both the pond. 

by Patrick Leer
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @


  1. You were well-deserving of this honor, and they probably just saved the best for last! I'm sure that many caregivers read your blog even if they don't always comment!

  2. Great job for making it in the list! I find your blog as one of the most reliable long term care resources right now. Just keep up the good work in disseminating helpful and informative things regarding long term care.


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