Tuesday, August 14, 2012

warts and all picture of living with Multiple Sclerosis

This morning I got one of those emails about “I am pleased to inform you that Caregivingly Yours, has been recognised for excellence …”

Anyway this is less about patting myself on the back or anything but more about George Bernard Shaw’s quote, “England and America are two countries separated by a common language.”

The spelling of ‘recognised’ which I have to fight with Microsoft Word spell check to keep was the giveaway, however  opening the email was an absolute treasure as there was a British description of my blog. 
“A personal journal following the experiences of the spouse of an MS sufferer and their move from home-care to a care-facility. The blog is updated regularly and the author prides himself on presenting a ‘warts and all’ picture of living with MS.”
While “MS sufferer” is an uncommon use in America, it is ‘spot on’ for many. However, I absolutely love the description of me priding myself on presenting a “warts and all” picture of living with MS.  

I liked it so much I added it to my blog header. J God Save the Queen!

Patrick Leer
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @ http://caregivinglyyours.blogspot.com/

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  1. Well, congrats to you!! I'm sure the next move will be knighthood, and we'll be calling you Sir Patrick!! Jolly good, old chap!

  2. congrats! Job well done!! Personally, here, we are all a bit partial to the queen :)



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