Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Health Activist Contests

To shill or not to shill, that is the question …
 “…someone in your community has taken the time to draw attention to your efforts during 2012 and wants to make sure you are recognized.     You have been nominated for the Advocating for Another Award in this year's WEGO Health Activist Awards!...”
Personally, I would bet a dollar that everyone who has a screen name received a similar notice. 

I always worry that such hoopla about who is best could deter that new caregiver or person in need from sitting down and sharing. In my opinion the blogosphere is not about ‘mavens’, self-appointed experts, ‘gurus’, or ‘gated communities’ but about people sharing their stories openly which in turn can be searched by others.

Admittedly I am just an old dude and I remember that near magical moment when someone like me, a Multiple Sclerosis spouse caregiver, appeared in a note in something called a Prodigy newsgroup bulletin board back in the primal goo of the genesis of something called the Internet. … OMG! I was not alone. It was empowering and neither of us cared who was 'better'. 

However let me also say - more power to the youngens with WEGO. Creating jobs for themselves in this economy is worth praise in itself!  … And don’t get me wrong, if their contest can connect a participating health blogger with a winning swag bag of free meds from Big Pharma and some cash – shout it loud! I will even give you an Amen! Incentives of travel to conferences, etc - well that's appealing to the young, beautiful and healthier but may not work for long term caregivers nor those with severe physical or cognitive challenges. 

So for me, at least in the moment, I will take the Shermanesque dodge here and say “I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected” J

I am just an old dude tryin' to make a livin' and doin' the best I can. Pushing Patti's wheelchair after 23 years of spouse caregiving apparently just was not enough … so this year we tossed in my own lung cancer odyssey.
pushing wheelchair with Christmas Tree lights
Activism? Isn't that just another word for the wheelchair tread marks and footprints we leave behind.  

Patrick Leer
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @


  1. Well put, Patrick. Just keep on pushing… you must be doing it right!

  2. love the festive lights you and Patti are wearing, Patrick! I have to agree about the award; I think you've been doing 23 years of activism already in your caregiving of Patti!


  3. Thank you ladies! Lacking alphabet soup after my name about the only thing I can do is keep on pushing :) That's fine with me as I have rarely met any alphabet soup people that knew how to push a wheelchair or change a Depend anyway.

  4. You give capitulations of your times with Patti. Sometimes you give the darker, more textured version, sometimes the lighter. You connect us(at times) to your emotional underpinnings. Oh, and, I just thought of about 20 other things you do here. Yeah, you do deserve an award ;-). ~Mary

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