Tuesday, April 27, 2004

End of an Era

Lowering the flag on 15 years of homecare and Patti's admittance to a long term care facility is what prompts this all and creates even a story to share.

Sounds (and reads) so straight forward yet no decision in my life was ever more complicated.

Patti, my wife, has Multiple Sclerosis. First diagnosed 18 years ago, her MS had progressed to a level where unattended homecare was no longer safe. At the age of 48, 24/7 attended care became necessary. Wheelchair confined, legally blind, and incontinent made attended care part of our home life for years. Progressing problems with memory, reasoning, and cognition continued to reduce any time she could be left alone without being at risk.

In spite of the above, we struggled to try to make homecare work for a couple more years. .

Why? I can't answer. There is no logical reason.

Patti on the other hand is safer and as of our visit last night enjoying herself.
So why don't I feel happy that she is happy?

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