Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Through the progressive decline of MS there was the parenting experience as a counter balance. Patti’s first major MS exacerbation occurred on Thanksgiving morning when our daughter was 1 year old. Patti woke up and could not walk, nor talk, nor see. From that morning on besides a spouse caregiver, I became a single parent.


Men simply do not get such an opportunity to be the nurturing parent. It has been the challenge and wonder of my life. The growth and positives have been such a source of sanity as a counterbalance to caregiving.


Though Patti improved from that exacerbation she never regained the coordination to safely hold our daughter nor change a diaper nor give a bath. MS robbed her of motherhood and left her watching.  


On the other hand without single parenting, I don’t know how I would have survived these past 16 years. It is a drink of hope and the future every day.


Of course there are times I could pull out my hair. Opposite sex parenting is particularly challenging and even insightful.


Our daughter has never known her Mom as not disabled so the impact of MS is not one of ‘change’ as it is for many families living with MS.

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  1. "Opposite sex parenting is particularly challenging and even insightful."

    I totally agree!!  I experienced more than I ever bargained for!!  Wouldn't have missed it for the world!  LOL  It was the roller coaster ride of my life!


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