Monday, March 07, 2005

“how boring my life would be without you in it.”

Visiting with Patti Sunday evening she was in good spirits and good shape. She was a different as night from day as she was from Friday night. Swings in intensity of MS symptoms can drive you nuts. 


We wanted to carve out some family time together and keep Patti if not involved at least aware of our daughter’s activities.


In addition to Friday’s drama festival, Megan had been competing in Odyssey of the Mind with her high school team in regional competition on Saturday. (Odyssey of the Mind is an International Competition in creative problem solving for gifted education.) They had taken first place in their division and were headed to the next level, the State Finals Tournament next month.


While taking nothing away from Megan, Patti’s unequivocal commitment since the beginning to put Megan first and her MS second unquestionably facilitated a nurturing environment empowering our daughter to experience her youth. Living with MS in a family does not always play out with such results.


Plus “living with MS” in our family has taught Megan ‘creative problem solving’ since her earliest memories. 


Patti was thrilled to hear about the weekend and in a touching remark shared with Megan “how boring my life would be without you in it.”

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  1. Since Patti does not comment very much on anything it was heartwarming to hear that she said that to Megan, it made my day.


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