Friday, March 11, 2005

YEAR IN SUMMARY: Part 1 of 5 Was the transition expensive?

March 15th (the Ides of March) will be the one year anniversary of the end of home care and the beginning of the care facility era. This work was about that transition.


MS publications and materials historically have ‘forgotten’ the individual stories that do not shine with success. We simply chose to use this new medium as an alternative to present one family’s reality in “living with MS”.


What the future holds for “Caregivingly Yours”, I don’t know. I do know it is time to start summing up the experiences of this year.


As always I must stress the disclaimer that MS is unique to every person, and every person with MS has a unique family situation.


Was the transition expensive?


$28,965 is what we show on our tax statement for the year for ‘out of pocket’ medical expenses beyond anything covered by medical insurance.


Both money and medical insurance alone need their own separate summation posts so the rest of the story over the next several days will be continued …


Caregivingly Yours, Patrick leer


  1. oh my... i s all i can say.  and i can't get my kid to school today. the snow is too deep.

  2. please tell me that you are not going to quit.....I really appreciate your insight and your humor.....

  3. Stay with us.  Your journal is invaluable.  Your insight is wonderful and I have used your journal as a source of information and solace.


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