Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Ides of March

Patti and Julius Caesar share a date of significance in their lives, the "Ides of March“.  Yesterday, March 15th or the 'Ides of March' was the first anniversary of Patti’s admittance to a 24/7 care facility.


We celebrated last night with what else but an Italian Dinner at home.


Best of all from a caregiving perspective, Patti’s strength and physical coordination was the best it has been in a while. Transferring was hassle free and the evening was without incident.


It was also Patti’s lucky day as she won the drawing for the facility’s St. Patrick’s raffle for the pictured gift basket of personal care items. (And gave me a chance to play with my new camera phone <grin>)


Next it is time to wrap up the YEAR IN SUMMARY with the final part, was it all worth it?

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