Tuesday, March 01, 2005

why shovel

In the transition year I sometimes find myself doing something and suddenly wondering, “Why?” In this case, why am I out here in the middle of the snow storm shoveling?

As a home caregiver for some one unable to walk you MUST KEEP access between your home and the street clear at all times for the unexpected or emergency. Regardless of whether it was the scooter or wheelchair eras I had to keep the walks, ramps, and driveway clear. I would fight a snow storm much like road crews fight to keep the roads clear.

Because of our abnormally mild winter I have not even used a snow shovel until the past few days. I had not even made a snow angel yet and I had this epiphany that Megan and I could just 'walk' through the snow. I did not have to “maintain” access for a wheelchair to and from our house.

Snow, believe it or not, is another area that is different in the transition year between home caregiving and the care facility era.

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