Monday, February 28, 2005

Short Story Writing

Sunday Megan received a Scholastic Writing Award for Short Story Writing part of a nationwide project of the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers Inc. hosted by Harrisburg’s newspaper, The Patriot News. 


We wanted to include and involve Patti. Patti also wanted to be a part of the day. All in all the day went as well as it could. Patti could share the moment, experience pride, and be a part of the cycle of parenting.


Crowds of 'standing' people talking about things she becomes increasingly confused about and of course increasingly cannot remember because the entire event is in failing short term memory takes its toll on Patti. An episode of lability necessitated we wrap up Patti’s involvement and adjourn to the quieter environment of home.


Away from crowds the 'grump attack' subsided and the day ended with some quality family time.


Parenting has been fundamental to living with MS and significantly affected by the transition to the care facility era. It’s difficult to “know” how any 16 year old feels, much less one which has had our daughter’s experiences. It’s more than difficult to “know” how Patti feels.

It is however not difficult for me to see and “know” that both have faced changes in the past year to a most peculiar mother / daughter relationship because of the rapid progression of Patti’s MS. Megan was 18 months old when Patti had her first and most severe exacerbation that left her so disabled that she could no longer safely hold her daughter. That was intense. Yet, living with MS is about finding a way.

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