Friday, February 25, 2005

Slipping and sliding

Parenting has always been a primary goal in living with MS. Patti was aware ever increasing MS progression and demands on my time from 24/7 caregiving were also increasingly conflicting with the parenting side of the equation. Even with her cognitive abilities fading Patti knew this could be another benefit of transition to the care facility era.


Honoring that spirit Megan and I headed out in the peak of the snow storm for “snow driving” lessons.


This was made all the more poignant and urgent as just the week before a fatal accident involving local teenage drivers occurred only blocks from here following only a dusting of snow.


Megan slid and skidded and did spins - most of which were not intentional. Somehow we did not hit anything or anyone. Sitting in the shotgun seat, I do believe I aged. By the end of the lesson she was a much better winter driver. Driving around in a 9” snow storm with snow still falling and before the roads were plowed is something I hope she WILL remember. (I know I will <grin>!)


You can’t teach experience. However, you can share knowledge. The next winter driving conditions she faces, at least, will not be the ‘first’.


MS prevents Patti from offering such direct help with parenting.  MS memory and mental confusion problems can make her seem detached. I know that is not true. From the beginning Patti has always put her daughter first. By creating time, Patti IS helping with parenting. Both Megan and I are fully aware of that.

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  1. Boy, am I glad I did not know Megan was driving around in a snow storm!!!!! Good idea, I guess, but I would have been a "basket case" had I known. A loving Grammy.


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