Thursday, February 10, 2005

I could only laugh

Wednesday night I stopped by to try to finish some maintenance on Patti’s wheelchair. As it was almost 8 PM I hoped to find her out of her chair and in bed. Instead she was rolling down the hall grouching a fit at all in hearing range.


It seems volunteers had ‘kidnapped’ her for the continuation of “movie night” (apparently they were unable to finish John Wayne’s “Quiet Man” on Monday). Apparently before Patti realized it was the same boring movie she was trapped in the human Rubric's Cube and just wanted to go to bed.


I gather she made such a ruckus they had to pause the movie to move everyone around to get the grump out of there. <grin>


When it gets to be around 7 PM you do not want to be in between Patti and her bed!!!


As for those foot rests  … even though I had taken one with me to find the correct part, left the other in the back of the closet, and discussed with anyone and everyone who would listen about Patti using her legs  ….  Patti was rolling zigzag down the hall with only one foot on that remaining foot rest and the other foot stomping along while she grumped and grouched at anyone and everyone about wanting to go to bed and complaining about “boring, stupid John Wayne movies.”.  …. It so bordered on the comical I could only laugh.

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