Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A rose is a rose ... or is it?

From the 2002 Census Report on Marriage and Divorce "… 65% of new marriages fail ... marriage rate has fallen nearly 30% since 1970 and the divorce rate has increased about 40% ..." -- Among those living with MS or any disability I imagine subgroup statistics are off the charts.

Somehow Hallmark and the floral industry continue to turn Valentine’s Day into a great American myth. It’s particularly challenging for Patti in that she can’t see more than a few feet in front of her, memory and mental confusion complicate any ‘special’ day, and currently she is hampered by acute sinus and upper respiratory ailments.

Yet challenge is what caregiving is about. <grin> Faced with “can’t see and can’t smell” I was able to find colossal imitation roses, that puzzled even Patti's vision and 'confusion' to the point of curiosity. <grin>

Applebee’s Carside To Go brought ‘dinning out’ to the convenience and comfort of an accessible home environment.  Many restaurants are ‘accessible’ however at Patti’s level of disability that does not always translate to comfort. Crowds and congestion contribute to confusion for her.

Transferring in and out of our vehicle was particularly taxing for her and spasticity was significant which unquestionably contributed to transfer problems in spite of new medications.  

There will always be obstacles. You just have to work through and past them. Overall the evening worked out well.                                    


  1. Patti certainly looks like she is enjoying the rose, real or otherwise! Thanks for giving her a very nice Valentines' Day celebration. Mom D.

  2. How thoughtful and sweet.  She is  fortunate to have two wonderful valentines who would spend such an effort to give her a bit of change, challenge, and curosity! lol


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