Friday, February 04, 2005

... and observation

Recent dosage changes in Zanaflex for symptoms of spasticity have had rather rapid and positive observed results. Twice in the last four days I’ve assisted and observed Patti during transfers in and out of vehicles and from wheelchair to bed and no spasticity has been noticeable in her legs. Her dosage was finally increased only a week ago from 2 MG to 6 MG daily.


Spasticity according to the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America is a common symptom of MS. However Patti who has had MS for 18 years never exhibited any spasticity until about 9 months ago.


Oddly though while now spasticity is not complicating transfers, for whatever reason Patti is recently unable to ‘direct’ her left leg to consistently respond. More often than not she has to use her hands to position it where she wants it to be (or whoever is helping her). … I have no idea if this is a new symptom or if it was previously masked by spasticity.

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