Thursday, February 03, 2005

Friends are extraordinary medicine

In spite of our weather prognosticating rodent, Wednesday was a marvelous day! I seized the opportunity and brought Patti home for dinner which also serves to force some family time with a busy 16 year old daughter.


Picking Patti up we learned there was a message that two friends were coming to visit. Messages are not the forte of care facility. ‘Sharon and Beth’ were the only clues left by the time the message had filtered through multiple staff and shifts. I was impressed as Patti began to logically match people to the names and then rule them out based on where she believed they last lived. I decided to leave my cell number at the desk just in case we did not get back in time.


That was fortunate, as they were able to reroute their visit with Patti at our home. Sharon and Beth are child hood friends and former classmates of Patti’s. Even Sharon’s Mom who likewise had known Patti her whole life tagged along. Sharon (who Patti had ruled out because of where she lived) had actually driven up from Philadelphia to visit. Patti absolutely enjoyed this surprise visit. Operating mostly in long term memory Patti conversed freely and effortlessly. Observing all this, one could find it hard to believe Patti even had cognitive or memory challenges. I myself found it hard to believe at times. The inconsistency of MS symptoms is so baffling.


Friends are extraordinary medicine; there are no ifs, ands, or buts about that.


  1. Thanks so much Patrick, this absolutely made my day. Patti was always with Sharon when they were maybe 11 to 16yrs. of age. Patti had many sleep-overs with her and Sharons' parents, Steve and Phyllis treated Patti like she was their other daughter. I know this visit had to bring back many, many childhood memories. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I just was catching up for the last several days.  I have a friend with MS and  reading this journal helps me understand her even tho she has been diagnosed only a few years.  People tell her she is faking the illness, she really isn't ill it is in her head, etc.  How truly frustrating this must be to her.  I have been off line for a couple of days and have missed all the journals.  You have no idea how much comfort there is in reading someone elses daily trials.  Take heart!


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