Friday, February 18, 2005

Band of Hope

Lance Armstrong rode “Cause Bracelets” to the top of pop culture and recently in our area NMSS has introduced MS’s own red silicone HOPE wristband in association with Giant Food Pharmacies. I stopped by Thursday evening to visit with Patti and bring her a “MS Band of HOPE” bracelet. Actually a perfect bracelet for Patti because she enjoys wearing jewelry of any type, it can’t snag on anything, can’t break, can be worn all the time, and if lost that’s OK at $1 each I bought a bunch. <grin>  It’s hard to see in the picture but the bracelet on my wrist is emblazoned with the word HOPE and Multiple Sclerosis.


It also seemed appropriate since only the day before she had recalled and shared an experience in detail from short term memory without any prompting. Such recall was improbable based on her history of symptoms. An isolated incident? Only time will answer that.


Back to the topic of caregiving, this is an interesting article from Caregiver’s Home Companion: (click on title for full article)

Far Too Often, Caregiver Spouses Simply ‘Lose It’

“For some, yelling at a spouse is nothing new in the marriage. In fact, it could be a productive form of communication. However, when the caregiver is the spouse, he or she is more likely to scream at the patient than not. Frustration and anger, in turn, can lead quickly to emotional abuse. …”

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  1. Save me a red bracelet Patrick....I also was very pleasantly surprised when we stopped in for a visit with Patti, I asked her IF she had any visitors recently and I was soooo surprised when she stated "Dave was here last evening"...that is the first she had recalled anything from within the past day or two to me in a long, long time. I too will keep my fingers crossed that she just MIGHT be regaining a bit of memory.


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