Thursday, February 24, 2005

Doctor's appointments

Doctor's appointments became a significant difference in the transition to a care facility.


As a home caregiver, appointments were dependent on me. 


In a care facility a physician makes rounds much like in a hospital.


Quantity also changed. In home care Patti would see a physician twice a year, unless needed. In a care facility physician’s rounds are monthly, unless needed. 


Neurologist visits remain every 6 months and require me for transportation and attendance. It seemed best to keep her current Neurologist as he specializes in MS. A facility based Neurologist who makes rounds could be available however he has never treated a patient with MS.


So do I NEED to be involved any more? ,,,


MS related cognitive problems impair Patti from directing her own care. In theory, staff and Patti’s file should be able to substitute. However, the flaw is that overall they are not MS oriented and individually it all depends on who is on duty that morning to act as Patti’s advocate.


MS requires a perspective unique to each person.  My reading of that file and my own observations are 'consistent' with Patti's medical history.


If Patti were able to direct her own care this could be a different story.


I DO NOT try to keep up monthly, quarterly at best, unless needed. Transition has brought many logistical changes in his area beneficial to both of us.


A caregiver is an invaluable resource, a complete patient history. Most importantly to me, the role of ADVOCATE should not be subordinated no matter how many medical resources surround a person.

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  1. I agree.  The role of advocate should never be taken lightly.  It means the difference between life and death at times.  At other times it is the patients only
    hope for being treated with dignity.


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