Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What MS doesn’t destroy it appears the jackals will try

I stopped by to visit Patti Monday night. Residents were all parked in wheelchairs like a drive-in movie watching John Wayne’s “Quiet Man” in front of the facility’s mega-screen TV for ‘movie night’.


As Patti’s vision is one of the worst of all she was parked in the front row. It would have been like playing with a human Rubik's Cube to remove her (or even get near to visit her). Instead I simply stayed and watched her for awhile.


Patti was increasingly glancing around particularly down toward the floor. A trait of hers that signals loss of attention. I’ve often asked her what she sees “down there” as she’ll appear to fix her stare on something.  -- “Nothing,” is her usual answer. However there are times this habit of hers can get in my head and I have found myself following her stare and double checking just to make sure nothing is down there. <GRIN>


Though only 10 yards away she couldn’t see me. It was peculiar to simply watch Patti and not intervene and not alter her immediate world.




Stunning Reality on Medical Bills

"Half of all  bankruptcies are caused by soaring medical bills and most people sent into debt by illness are middle-class workers with health insurance, researchers said last week. We're all only one illness away from bankruptcy ..."


I’m still pulling my hair out as the never ending saga of Patti’s medical insurance spins ever out of control. I wish that was as simple to intervene and alter.


For 11 years there was NEVER a problem, then in the last 6 months it has become a full time job with over time. I look over and the floor of an entire room is covered with ‘organized’ piles of paper.


Claims have been filed, paid, refunded, refiled, repaid, then refunded, and reprocessed all over again so many times – even my piles are starting to loose track. The journal entry about the TOAD AND MEDICARE is more than true.


What MS doesn’t destroy it appears the jackals will try.

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