Thursday, December 01, 2005

Caregiving errands in the rain

     Tuesday, nature was an illusionist; it was a March day yet late November. Rain and wind seemed to sense and thwart our intention to try and transfer Patti to and from our car. Patti was enjoying the outing, so I shifted plans to running multiple brief errands in the rain. She stayed dry in the car and listened to the radio bemused with it all while I popped back in and out between our different stops.

      It was FUNctional for me. Normally caregiving time accomplishes little. Yet because of nature's mischief, Patti was happy just to be around the 'hustle and bustle' without the effort to directly include her in the wet Spring weather. 

     I've never met a puddle that doesn't inspire a Gene Kelly "Singin' In The Rain" impression and tend to splash her wheelchair anyway. That left me an umbrella, a parking lot full of puddles, and maybe I'll grow up tomorrow. <grin>


     As we talked between errands I realized this was her first taste of a slice of reality (of a normal night of being a parent and homemaker) that she's observed in a long time versus what she sees when I can include her. All in all it provided for some interesting conversation.


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