Thursday, December 15, 2005

MS & Menopause

     Four months ago I encouraged experimenting with abandonment of Seasonale and/or LoEstrin which had been used for years for Patti's menstrual bleed control. Observations and conclusions seemed to point toward Patti being in Menopause and hormonal variations might be causing some dramatic inconsistency in symptoms.

     That Patti’s natural hormone levels where menopausal was confirmed by blood testing following suspension of these medications.

     Two Wednesdays ago I attended Patti’s Care Plan Review. In discussions, I learned some interesting observations since abandoning these unintentional hormone treatments.  Dysphasia related vomiting has been non-existent for the last four months. There is even some evidence of stabilization in memory loss that has been noted by facility staff. I certainly can confirm stabilization in her physical ability and mental focus needed to transfer to and from a wheelchair and car.

     Obviously this is only anecdotal evidence and doesn’t prove anything. So little is known or even being scientifically researched about the effect of Menopause on MS, and MS can and will change at will.

     At best it is simply interesting that letting Patti’s body go through its natural passage has been associated now for almost 4 months with stabilization of particular physical and cerebral symptoms.

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  1. Patrick, you and your family are in my daily prayers.  




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