Tuesday, December 20, 2005

MS & geography

Geographic location and multiple sclerosis 

“The number of people who have multiple sclerosis (MS) increases the farther away they are from the equator. …”

     While this snippet gets attention frequently during boring media cycles, it never ceases to intrigue me. Clicking the blue headline will open the full story from WebMD AOL Health. Of all the pieces of the MS puzzle, this strikes me as the strangest.

     Also I can’t help but wonder how medical diagnosis and reporting or even life expectancy in equatorial nations, e.g. Indonesia, Ecuador, Congo, and Kenya wouldn’t skew such research.


  1. That`s interesting, I`ve never heard of that!

  2. I am a statistic - I was born in FL and moved to VA when I was in first grade.  I lived there until I was in 5th grade and then returned to FL.  At age 49 I was diagnosed with RRMS.  From the reading I have done, I fit the criteria!  CW

  3. LOL

    I moved North AFTER I was told I had MS....I greew up in Phoenix.  Hum.

    But, I was born and breed in Denver.


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