Thursday, December 29, 2005

journal tag

From Christine’s “My Journey with MS” I was ‘tagged’ to list 5 weird habits” and in turn ‘tag’ 5 more journals.


Weird habits? While I personally may not find these weird, I must defer to how much they seem to surprise or annoy other people.


I MUST have a cup of coffee before a shower in the morning and a glass of chocolate milk before bed. This sequence of daily habits has obviously delayed the onset of the Apocalypse for all.


I despise watching TV. Our cable company when interviewing me to determine use and recommend the best package was so flabbergasted the customer service rep could only ask, “Why do you even own a TV?” <grin> (for Patti, Megan, and the cats of course)


Frequently I find myself in arguments with inanimate objects. They never actually talk back, so arm chair psychiatrists need not worry, yet I suspect there is more to inanimate objects than meets the eye.


When confronted with a choice of going left or right, I always go left. As the overwhelming majority of my companions want to go right, my habit must be odd.


It is amazing how few of my passengers are aware that the steering wheel and dashboard on a car is for drumming along to music while driving. Some songs may even involve the visor and rearview mirror. Based on passenger whining this must be strange.  


Email chain letters die on my PC. This habit concerns friends who live to ‘forward’. Ooops! That’s more than 5, so I guess “not listening” may be another but that also could be good. As much as I enjoy Christine’s “My Journey With MS”, I am such a ‘creature of habit’ that I cannot forward along the ‘tag’. <grin>


  1. That's least you played!!!!!

    xxooxxoo  Thank you!!!!

    I have a love hate relationship with my TV too.  LOL

  2. I, too, love chocolate milk before bed. Mmm. And by the way thanks for the delay of the Apocolypse. Very comforting to know things are happening to prevent that. Keep it up.
    Dear Christina tagged me, too, by the way. I tagged, among others, my sister Donna--whose blog I see you've visited, and which I appreciate. Your comments there were very sweet. I was hoping by tagging her (which I've done twice now) I can get her to start writing again. She tells me the most hysterically funny stories on the phone and I keep telling her "That's perfect for the blog!"
    Anyway, check me out--and thanks for doing what you do.


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