Thursday, May 18, 2006

Caregiving: computers, who needs them?

“To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.”  Farmers' Almanac, 1978

     Today, two months after an alleged computer error triggered a chain of computer system errors; the last of Patti’s retroactively canceled prescription payments was retroactively repaid.

      At least I hope so! Too many hours, too many calls, too many faxes, and too many follow up letters have been involved. As usual no explanation for how the alleged error could have happened or how making things right could have involved so many fumbles.

     The caregiver always sees and knows the human impact, the ‘cast of thousands’ on the other end of the phone, letters, or computer NEVER “feel” the human impact. They work their shift and go home. This fundamental difference challenges communication and sense of urgency.

     ….. and on the topic of computers fouling things up, 7 days ago our Dodge wheelchair accessible van was towed 50 miles in the pouring rain. Its computerized technology still remains in the shop being diagnosed, waiting for parts, repaired and retested.

      … fortunately the physical strength of the caregiver is always dependable assistive technology. <grin>


  1. Amen to that:) hope your weekend is a good one


  2. .....our Dodge entervans by Brawn have always been wonderful.......sorry you have had so much trouble.  Don't let it keep you from enjoying the wonderful convenience when you get it fixed!  At least you live close to a dealer!  hee hee we live in the country and I do mean country!

  3. I signed on and I saw the Mother's Day Greeting.  Thank you so much.  I am so sad to hear about the error of the pc.  
    The physical strength of the caregiver  is amazing.  Remember to take time out for "you".  In my support group, there a a few  spousal caregivers.  I sometimes envy the the relationship and secretly I wish there was someone there for me.  I wonder, who will take care of me when / if I need assistance.  I wonder if I will be blessed with the love and patience of someone.  I'm getting off track.  I admire your strength.  In the event that I don't talk to you.......Happy Father's Day.  The school year ends on May 23 and the girls and I will be vacationing.  Take Care..................Hi Patti.


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