Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Caregiving: sitting in the backyard

     Just “sitting” in the backyard as a caregiver you learn to appreciate not only what surrounds you but how to communicate. A warm breezy Spring afternoon requires you to find the creativity to complete these pictures. 

     Patti’s MS symptoms of visual impairment and cognitive challenges short circuit the processing of  ...  wind blowing through this weeping willow tree ...

   ...  or clouds making shadows appear and disappear on the fence ...


     ...  or viewing the flag snapping in the wind through the cherry tree in bloom.



     A ‘Spring Day’ is not subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. It takes time and creativity by family, friends, or volunteers to make such opportunities accessible. 


  1. wonderful:) have a good week


  2. Patrick, what great devotion all of you have to her. May we learn from your example of living and loving. bea

  3. ...being about to see through another eyes is a gift in itself.  Jack's eye lid is drooping so badly that I have to use a bandaid to hold the eyebrow up.....the glasses have prisims...illnesses sure do make impairments.


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