Monday, May 29, 2006

Caregiving: FUN treatment

     Banners! Pickets! Protesters! … Half a dozen people protesting “The Da Vinci Code” movie greeted our entrance to the movie theatre parking lot on Sunday. Patti was intrigued by this unusual occurrence and “suddenly” wanted to see “The Da Vinci Code” instead of “Over The Hedge” that we were planning to attend. 

     As I attempted to explain that they were not advertising the movie but protesting the movie, Patti then wanted to go ask them why? Patti has not “listened” to the book. With no short term memory and her cognitive challenges, I had to smile just thinking about any dialogue between Patti and protestors.

     My impish temptation to roll Patti over to talk with them never happened as we were distracted bumping into Patti’s brother and niece in the parking lot and continued into the theatres.

     “Over The Hedge” worked perfectly for Patti. Wise cracking woodland critters battling suburbia on a mega screen … plus buttered popcorn, Twizzlers, and a Sprite was just what the doctor ordered. <grin>

     … and with Memorial Day Weekend temps hot and humid in the upper 80’s, a wheel chair accessible, air conditioned movie theatre is a wonderful and FUN treatment for MS.


  1. sounds like a delightful afternoon. I do wish you had been impish and rolled Patti over to talk to those protestors of the Da Vinci Code. That would have been hilarious I am sure. Thanks for the review of the Over the Hedge movie; we may see it soon.

    I read the Da Vinci Code and listened to two different pastors "break the Da Vinci Code" (meaning take about what Dan Brown alleges in that book and tell what the Bible says) in a series of sermons over the past month. The book, in my opinion, is poorly written as a book in itself yet alone what it attempts to discredit. I have no desire to waste my time/money at the movie. All lies anyway from what I believe. I do think protestors, though, just make people have the desire to see the movie because they think it is sensational or whatever, similar to what Patti wanted to do. I wish protestors would stay at home and let the movie speak for itself and let it fade away in time.

    have a good day; sorry; I'll get off my soap box now :)


  2. What a playful and mischievous mind you have, Patrick!! I think you enjoyed the movie as much as she did! Bea

  3. what a fun movie to go to:) as far as the da vinci code like my son said mom it ficton not fact people need to remember this:) glad patty had a fun time



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