Friday, May 05, 2006

Caregiving: Special Olympics Spring Games

   Wednesday I was blessed with my annual participation in the Special Olympics Spring Games. In the photograph, to the left of traditional opening flag and torch ceremonies, student athletes “sign” the National Anthem.  

     Each year surrounded by athletes and volunteers I know that I am standing among everything that is “right and good” about people. The collective energy of excitement, challenge, celebration, laughter, and love is so powerful it leaves you stronger and richer.

     When this many people are gathered together caring for each other, there is always a moment in time when the faces of athletes and volunteers seem to swirl together causing the eyes and smiles to align ever so briefly … and it seems my breath stops as I glimpse a collage of the face of God.       


  1. how much fun is that:) glad you got to go:) have a good weekend


  2. It's wonderful and it certainly looks like everyone is enjoying it all. Rache


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