Thursday, March 15, 2007

Caregiving: Scooter-cize

Patti’s RASCAL SCOOTER is a wonderful pace vehicle for my own exercise. With warming temps and the new daylight savings time we’ve been able to work close to 2 miles into each late afternoon.

Get your motor runnin'

Head out on the highway

As long as I can find isolated enough roads or wide enough paths to accommodate the wide drifts of her MS visually impaired driving she’s not only fine but LOVES the freedom of scootering. Scootering also has a noticeable overall positive effect on Patti’s MS symptoms in general even though it is short term.

Racin' with the wind

And the feelin' that I'm under

When I walk on my own I loose the additional health benefits of a consistent faster pace. At top speeds of 5 mph she sets a brisk pace for me from ‘power walking’ to jogging to keep up with her.

Two weeks ago I underwent a Nuclear Cardiac Stress Test which I passed with flying colors. (even got a smiley face on the follow up note from my nurse practitioner <grin>)

Why the test? During my Cluster Headache episodes I take Imitrex more frequently than any published tested levels. Imitrex at far lower dosages has been known to induce heart attacks. I smoke and 22 years of stress as a spouse caregiver takes a toll.  

I made it the distance on the ‘treadmill from hell’ and my heart glowed just fine with all the radioactive isotopes flowing through my blood. … At least I know I’m not the Tin Man, I saw that I had a heart.

Caregiving is exhausting but regular exercise can never be underestimated.

Time is unavailable to caregivers but it can be found creatively such as keeping up with a wild woman on an electric scooter for a couple miles. <grin>


  1. Wow, Patti looks great in that scooter.  It really can give a person such an independant feeling!  Does Rascal ever make ones with the leg lifters?  My brother's MS still in the early stages, but he's in denial as to what will come.  Hey, great news about passing your CST with such honors!  Kudos to you, and thanks for the trip down musical memory lane! CATHY

  2. Just like a Timex, you keep on tickin'!! <grin>  That's good... we want to keep you around a little longer!

  3.  Oh I hate having treadmills, I use them at the gym with no problem but they have a way of demonizing them at the cardiac lab.  I love that the two of you get out and exercise.


  4. HEY PATRICK! Love that picture of Patti with the train behind her! If she had been going in the same direction, it would have looked like she was racing the train! LOL! That would have been a great advertisement pic for Rascal scooters. Glad you are doing great. Patti looks as if she was having a blast! You are a special couple.
    Take care my fellow caregiver,
    Liz in Va.

  5. two are great!  

  6. Patti looks great!  Good for you on your stress test :)  I take Imitrex once a month for migrains and hate how they make me feel.  Great shot with the train!

    Take care,

  7. lolol the wild woman..I love that.  You help Patti she helps you, perfect harmony of needs. Rache

  8. what a great way for you both to get out and about:) glad the tests came back ok:) its no wonder you get cluster headaches i get migraines and i take Midrin its the only thing that helps. I tried Imitrex and it would help but wouldn't get rid of the headache so a shot of demoral and the Midrin kicked it i had it for 1 1/2 weeks ugh. have a good weekend


  9. ((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))PAttie looks so happy,you take good care of Her,you are a blessing.I am glad your tests came back good.Yes,I am talking about Sandy Point beach.I havent been there since I was little.It was so nice today,but,there talking about snow tommrow.werid.Have a good weekend.

  10. Glad to hear the good news about your heart... so there, you are taking care of yourself! Three cheers! <grin> Bea


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