Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Caregiving: thank you

I want to take a moment to say thank you.


PHILIPS LIFELINE on their Internet web site for caregivers, links “Caregivingly Yours,” as one of their “blogs we like”.


COMMONWEALTH CARER RESPITE CENTRE of Melbourne, Australia shares this journal in their Internet Resources for Carers.

(Journal note: In the US we use “caregiver”, in Australia and the UK, they use “carer”.)


Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) shares our story and video on their personal stories page, "PATF Accessible Vehicle Loan Helps Family Travel Safely in the Community".


from Coca-Cola

“…You posted a video, "Living with MS: scooter sleigh ride," to the YouTube/Coca-Cola Holiday Wishcast in December of 2006, and we shared it with the world on our global site, In fact, because we liked it so much, of the 750 videos we received, it was one of the few videos which we ran the most. …”


Three years ago, this month, I experimented with posting my first entry ever on line. Six months ago I experimented with my first You Tube video (actually a photo slide show to music).


It is the individual readers and viewers that I most want to thank. You make it possible to take caregiving and living with MS out of the shadows.


Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer


  1. Dear Patrick,

    I appreciate your comments sincerely. I was a caregiver to both my British Mum and Dad here in the USA for nearly SEVEN years with their long, lingering terminal illnesses.  I would appreciate your visit to my website and let me know how it can be better.

    Yours truly, Jason A. Seidler/Director & Chef

    p.s. Look for my "The Caregiver Cookbook" with kitchen and caregiving tips, resources, and tasty recipes this summer.

  2. We, the readers of Caregiving, need to thank you Patrick for sharing with us the true story of caregiving with MS. I have found out more through your website about MS than I have ever known! You have always graciously answered questions and shared your life with Patti. It makes it so much more realistic. Keep up the great posting!

  3. thank you for sharing your lives with us:)


  4. Thank YOU for sharing with US.  

  5. Patrick....I feel the need to thank YOU for doing all that you have in your journal. :o) If it hasn't been for this journal...I wouldn't know what I do about MS. So I thank you Patrick! :o)

  6. Happy Third Aniversary.  You've come a long way and guided quite a few in the caring roll.  You're stars, Patti, your daughter and yourself.  I've learned quite a bit from your writings. Rache

  7. You are the one to thank, Patrick. If you've opened my mind, then you have opened thousands more. You are educating the public, and I think that is your intent. So glad you are "out there" ! Bea


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