Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Caregiving: time for caring

In any given day there is the unknown variable (X) of time devoted to caring. Beyond actual time there is time needed for intangibles from ‘thinking about’ caring to emotions. 


Obviously that “X” amount of time varies with every family situation and every illness and level of progression. Yet regardless there is “X” amount of time each day devoted to caring that must displace other “mainstream” family time. It is challenging to avoid the cycle of doing less. 


Yet in 2007 two families living with the daily emotional and practical challenges of health and ‘caring’ have chosen to aspire to the White House.


Elizabeth Edwards has a diagnosis of Cancer. Her spouse John is a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for President in 2008.


Ann Romney has a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Her spouse Mitt is a candidate for the Republican Party nomination for President in 2008.


Their personal courage is inspiring.


As for party politics - “No Comment! This is not a political journal.


As a caregiver, kudos to ‘caring’ families pursuing dreams.


Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer


  1. Patrick....I agree.  Politics aside- Kudos to those who aspire to fulfill dreams in spite of limitions.

  2. Thank you for making us aware of this... how do some people take on such challenges? I'll have to read their bios to find out. They are truly inspiring. As you are. bea

  3. Kudos to you for the great journal:)


  4. ((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))I have to be honest with you,sometimes I dont understand all this political stuff,but i didnt relize so many people who are running,have illiness.But I will say,you are inspiring,I love reading your journal.Have a good night.

  5. ................Yes, they should be commended for following their dreams.

  6. Aways follow your dreams! :o) Thank you for sharing these people with us. ;o)

  7. Patrick~A belated blessed Easter to you and your wife! I'm glad you found something to be inspired about in politics! Sassy ;-)


  8. I didn't know about Ann Romney but I agree 100%.


  9. I guess my question is--will either one of them make it to the white house--or will their role as caregiver or careprovider be a curse to them????  

    Is the nation ready to have a first lady who isn't perfect?

    Is my generation (and I particularly ask this about my generation because after being a sick member of my generation--I see how they respond to illness) ready to cope with a first lady who needs caregiving--or who may potentially need caregiving during her time as first lady?

    I'm just puzzled.  

    I'm not trying to offend you--and I hope I haven't because I think what you do for Patty is terrific.  I'm quite impressed with the dept of love the two of you share and hope that someday someone loves me that much.  I'm just not sure the world is as wonderful as you are--if that makes much sense.


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