Sunday, August 22, 2010

care facility era internet chatter

What in the world do blue baths or finding non-existent second floors have to do with the care facility era. Everything and you will find neither in admission brochures.

You will only find them on the blogosphere because they are the experiences of caregivers of the care facility sharing the importance of continuing involvement, advocacy and above all communication.

Barb blogging in Multiple Sclerosis Carer, The blue bath shares: 
"Don would complain bitterly that … he hated the "blue bath". 
 “I quizzed the staff … he doesn't have good enough balance any more to sit up in the shower chair … wasn't safe; he might fall.”
“… tracked down a high-backed reclining shower chair … on trial for the past week … nurse said they just wheeled him in and left him to it … he was refreshed and relaxed and very happy with it.
(if the nursing home will not purchase one) …then I will purchase Don's own. … You can't put a price on dignity." 
Sarahsue blogging in "A day in my life",  Today….right now……that is the time!  
"I am learning to help Jack wait.........and waiting is difficult
I am also learning to judge what is fact and what is supposed fact.
Sometimes I get a call from Jack about a problem and after I drive 10 miles to the facility, he was mistaken, and greatly embarrassed. Helping him through these painful times is just part of loving your spouse.
Most of all I am learning that showing LOVE is understood and communicated without any barriers in the mind. The brain can be a broken machine but the love cells still function."  
In the care facility era the caregiver is now part of a team. Whether Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson ’s or any multitude of illnesses or disabilities a patient’s ability to communicate is affected. Successful teams are fueled by communication.

Recently a reader forwarded me an excellent link and well worth the read for an insight into the communication training of nursing staffs.

Needs and hearts are only part of the circle of caring.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 
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