Thursday, August 26, 2010

disruptive behavior in health care

I know the values and bedside manners of classic TV doctors like Hawkeye Pierce, Cliff Huxtable, and Marcus Welby were fiction but I did not realize they were fantasy.
What do you do when real reality is weirder than reality TV? 
"… surgeon storming out of the operating room, leaving others to finish the job… 
… doctor refusing to wait for an anesthetic to be applied to a baby, and performing a circumcision that left the baby in terrible pain… 
… dropping instruments on the floor, ignoring an offer of replacements, and using the contaminated items on a patient…”

Hey! Can’t we all just get along or at least play nice while I’m bleeding here?   
“…the doctor ignored a concern raised by a nurse … nurses often react to intimating doctors by avoiding communication with them”
Or my personal favorite and why you should always include duct tape in preparing for any doctor’s appointment …
“… when doctors and patients talk, the doctor interrupts after an average of 18 seconds"

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 
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  1. gosh, these would be funny if they weren't so true. you know, some not all doctors get that prima donna attitude and its no stopping them with what they will do or say or treat others. Other doctors, as you know, are just soooooo busy with this and that they have to get to the root of the problem as quick as they can to meet their quota of patients they must see that day. no easy answer either on how to solve the problem........

    hope you and Patti are doing good; I heard it did cool down a bit back there????


  2. I also see this at times, fortunately not most of the time but it does happen.

  3. Thanks all! Bottom line is medical professional neither belong on a pedestal nor chased through the streets by pitchfork wielding crowds ... somewhere in between 'accountable' like the rest of us.


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