Friday, August 06, 2010

thunder gods

With NASCAR paused in the North between Pocono and Watkins Glen, three of its top drivers Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, and Kasey Kahne took a break from the tracks of thunder to race sprint cars on a legendary local dirt track to raise money for a good cause.

"Any time Kasey has an event that we can make, we obviously want to make it," Stewart said. "When our schedule opened up, it was a no-brainer to come here."

The Kasey Kahne Foundation raises money to give back to chronically ill children and their families.  All of the proceeds from Thursday's “Battle at the Grove” went to the charity.

An outing to Williams Grove Speedway is something Patti has absolutely no interest in, especially since we can hear it on our patio 5 miles away. For whatever reasons as her visual impairment has worsened with Multiple Sclerosis her hearing has improved. A couple hours of trackside mega-decibels has absolutely no appeal.

Now I have attended a couple times and while loud is an understatement and the proximity to drivers, cars, track and racing is captivating it’s the dust that fascinates me. Walking through the parking lot after dirt track racing is like walking through a mutant winter wonderland. Car windshields need to be cleaned of dirt. Even your hair and clothing is coated with a layer of dirt.

Is noise and dirt an acquired taste or just clutching onto eternal childhood? After all wasn’t the dirtier you were an indication of how good a time you had.

Though if talking about feeling good … how great does Aaron Ott, who graduated high school only two months ago, feel after getting down in the dirt with three thunder gods and winning the “Battle of the Grove”?

Charitable fundraising not only demands creativity but becomes all the more important in rougher economic times. Kudos to NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne, Ollie's Bargain Outlet, and Williams Grove Speedway.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 
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  1. I'm betting getting dirty is a guy thing and loud noise too. I'm fascinated how men will sudddenly and for no apparent reason shout out, usually a scream or hoot. NASCAR, ugh. LOL Well, for charity.

  2. Diane, as a father of a daughter I can "testify" that a pack of teenage girls can spontaneously erupt into sound levels beyond imagination. :)


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