Thursday, March 24, 2011

politics of Multiple Sclerosis

"The health and safety of Canadians is of the highest importance, and we need reliable, national information on Multiple Sclerosis to help those diagnosed with MS and their health-care providers" … "It is political because there have been public demands for action here and the government is responding." Ottawa announces MS monitoring system to track disease patterns, treatments 

South of the border here in the USA, The prices of multiple sclerosis medicines have risen as much as 39 percent since last year … The prices may rise further ... analysts said in a Feb. 7 note to clients ... sees room for additional increases” U.S. Price Increases for MS Treatments 

Almost as if an illustration for a modern version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” Democrats light a birthday candle, “This is a very special month for us because one year ago we passed the historic Affordable Health Care Act, which has made a difference in the lives of the American people.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)

One difference is true, a year ago the caption would have read House ‘majority’ leader. In the real world where cost of MS medications have skyrocketed, elections in between have demonstrated the confusion and dispute that continues.  At least for ‘we the people’, Big Pharma has not missed a beat.

Locally a corner is accused of removing prescription medications from death scenes. While obviously innocent until proven guilty, the unaffordability of prescription medications in the US is a blank page just waiting to be written on.

“reliable, national information on Multiple Sclerosis” - Go Canada!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 


  1. The cost of everything has triple and we are now being told that starting next year we will see more cuts which will continue to increase every year. Say we screen 100 past patients. 98% of them say the care was excellent, 2 say they had lousy care. Next year our hospital will be fined by the government $25,000 dollars. The year after that say out of the same 100, 99 say the care was great and 1 say's rotten, fined $35,000 dollars. So if the drug seeker doesn't get the drugs he is looking for, and is one of them audited we lose money. And it is going up every year.

    You know the costs are going to have to go up because you simply can't please everyone and it is just another way for the government to get more money out of us with their "affordable care". If the government passed it you have to know it is because they have found another way to dig into our pockets.

  2. I like Julie's comment, sad but it is a true one. I never through affordable care seemed like it would be affordable. I shudder to think what my new premiums will be this year during open enrollment. It is outrageous what meds cost these days, yet interestingly.......because we are dealing with it these days.....medicine for dogs are less expensive than people's, yet equivalent in name and dosage......hmmmmmmmmmmm..........



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