Sunday, March 06, 2011

transfer, cluster headache, MS, et al

I believe I know why I write, but I was surprised at what people read the most according to Google over the last 12 months.
Caregivingly Yours Top 10

one-person transfer technique, the hug  (March 2010) … there was nothing explaining simply and briefly how to transfer someone by yourself. Associated You Tube video, wheelchair transferring Multiple Sclerosis caregiver, has been viewed almost 12,000 times. 

cluster headache: brain writhing on a corkscrew (May 2009) … originally posted two years ago this entry and associated cluster headache entries are read so regularly I created their own page on my web site cluster headaches 

a caregiver reflects on the R-Word (March 2009) … written two years ago as a commentary on spending of resources it’s seemingly grown cyber-legs.

hope, liberation, and CCSVI (July 2010) … any and all things CCSVI and MS are worth talking about

monster truck wheelchair shopping cart (August 2009) … adventures with inanimate objects seem to hold their popularity J

respite care: teen autism & special needs (August 2009) … daily search results landing on this entry 18 months later have again spawned its own page on CY web site, living with teen autism 

fondue with Uhthoff's Phenomenon / Multiple Sclerosis (April 2010) … I suspect both the nomenclature and story telling make this entry interesting for those searching for affect of heat on MS

Multiple Sclerosis parenting nature vs nurture (May 2010) … no matter how trying the present, the future always trumps. 

teen autism: diagnosis, a hitchhiker's guide (January 2010) … a simplified thumbnail has continuing appeal

midget albino cannibals vs pilgrims and Indians (November 2007) … written over 4 years ago, obviously the Internet is a strange and wonderful place. What kind of a search leads to this?

Caregivingly Yours began as and remains simply our story of trial and error learned lessons. When ‘sharing with’ meets ‘searching for’ in cyberspace - it can get interesting. 

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 
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  1. My biggest hit is "Boys Wearing Dresses" LOL I am GLAD to see people want to know how to transfer a person...can't belive I've never posted about one of the most important aspects of my LIFE!


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