Sunday, June 24, 2012

when an adult child has Multiple Sclerosis

Without premonition, I swear, my last entry shared a Multiple Sclerosis journal I had found written by an adult child about her Mother’s diagnosis with MS, entitled MS Recess.

Then suddenly screaming out from the cover of the latest People Magazine is the story of a Mother facing her adult child’s diagnosis of MS, “I Won’t Let My Son Die”.
All these different perspectives have been long overdue. 

Living with MS has been our life for almost the last quarter century. Were we really ‘living with MS’ as a family or rather the ‘collateral damage’ of MS, all along? 

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 


  1. I guess it is just a reminder that MS is indiscriminate with whoever it decides to inflict its deadly punishment on, the young, the newly married, the young mother, the young son of a famous musician. No one is immune, no one is exempt. Sobering frightening thought......


    1. Betty and you know what struck me from the magazine cover is that whatever 'facts' science wants to offer it really comes down to perspective. A mother not wanting her son to die does rather some up learning of any diagnosis.

  2. It is a different perspective when it is your child...I do live with damage from MS


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