Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dining & driving, Part II

Living with MS in the family is above all unpredictable. While dining has been the big issue this week it is not always a PROBLEM. Yes Patti must be monitored and assisted. That’s old news. Her 24/7 care facility just had a rough week of experiencing it and had to make operational changes that always were part of homecare.


If ‘prepared’ and you adapt the dining or eating experience then more often than not it can be a pleasant time. Below are two emails reporting ‘good times’ during the same period:


(from Patti’s Mom)

     Hi, Just wanted to let you know that we had a lovely evening with Patti ...

     We picked Patti up at 4:00 PM, we took a leisurely ride to see some lovely Fall leaves and then we went to Eat N’ Park Restaurant for dinner. Patti chewed very slowly, mainly because I kept reminding her. She had an easy meal of linguine w/white sauce and broccoli. Cheese cake for dessert.  I also cleaned out her closet … I hung ALL the pants on one side of the closet and her long sleeved tops on the other so she certainly has enough outfits.... We had her back just in time to go to the movie at 6:30 PM


(from Sharon, Patti’s life long friend and unofficial sister)

     I have Veterans Day off on Thursday and I'd like to visit Patti and take her lunch….I'll call the nurses station to let them know I'm coming.

     I went to see Patti on Saturday evening and she was in bed, asleep at 7:10.  I went out to the desk and told them I brought Patti one of our favorite "Chocolate Utopia Sundaes" from Dairy Queen….they said she had asked to go to bed, only ten minutes before, so we went back again and she was awake.  Apparently, she didn't have a nap in the afternoon. Well she woke up long enough to inhale the sundae, then back to sleep.


Living with MS takes adaptation on the part of family and friends. That is not the same as accessibility. Adaptability is a state ofmind.

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