Tuesday, November 23, 2004

FIRST snow flurries

Found Patti sleeping away at 3:30 Monday afternoon. Rousted her butt out of bed, changed her Depend, dressed her and headed off for some dinner at home. Sometimes I wonder what percentage caregiving plays in the label ‘bed ridden’?


Involving Patti and encouraging her to choose the grocery shopping we ended up with amaretto cheesecake, pears in syrup, and swordfish steaks – a fascinating combination and actually quite delicious. You might think even memorable. However upon her return when asked by the staff what she had for dinner ,,, she confidently exclaimed “pasta.”


Mike, one of the staff members, instructed me on the proper use of the Posey transfer belt (for “insurance purposes”). Though I had always seen it lying around the room, I assumed it was for staff’s own lower back support. <grin> Being a manly-man, I just pick Patti up and plop her where I need her. Actually, it’s cool; like putting temporary “handles” on a person


Patti pointed out the holiday decorating in her room that she and her parents had begun over the weekend. However I was distracted by the room across the hall with a brightly lit larger tree. Personally, I’ve always considered Christmas decorations a competitive sport. Bring it on!!


Returning home I was surprised and absolutely ecstatic as the first snow flurries of the season fell around me.  


  1. When we saw the xmas tree across the hallway, I said to Patti "there is no way that Patrick will be content with this cute little tree" so beware Patrick sees a big challenge here. <grin>

  2. It looks like an angel to me.....

  3. Decorating sounds like fun to me,, let the competition begin!

  4. Thanks, Christina, for the happy interpretation of the snow pic as an Angel. If anybody’s overworked guardian angel deserved a moment’s flight through the flurries it would be mine <grin> Patrick


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