Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Prozac Nation

Even though confusing to Patti she does demonstrate curiosity. She often begins to want to know how something is done before abandoning that pursuit in confusion.

Memory related problems often surprise me with what surprises her; e.g. the price of something. Her recall can bounce all over a time line. She may interchange a comparative price from 20 years ago with only a couple years ago.

Sometimes you save the best for last, over dinner ‘seemingly out of nowhere’ Prozac dropped into the conversation between Patti and Megan. To qualify the two conversationalists; Megan is taking her first ever psychology class, reading “Prozac Nation” and at age 16, of course, knows everything … Patti, in the other corner, has been prescribed “Prozac” for years for symptoms of depression related to MS, yet cannot remember the beginning of the thought she just started but glad to personally know about something jumps right in with a dizzying fragmentation of views.  It was priceless.

All in all the afternoon and evening was interesting to say the least.

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  1. I am just happy to hear that Patti had any conversation with Megan on any subject. Thanks for taking her on a trip home Patrick, I know she does not say much but she really enjoys her time with you, Megan and the cats.  Harold and I picked up Aunt Betty and stopped in to have a game of "Trivial Pursuit" with Patti. We had a nice, quiet visit and after the game Patti was more than ready for her nap.


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